In November we invite you and your children for the amusements which starts at 3:45 p.m. For each day we prepared something special. We are waiting for you!

3rd of November – Puzzle afternoon

4th of November - Play in caps. Building track and let's play! 

5th of November – “Sink my ship” – combat ship fight played on A4 “ground”

6th of November – Cookies workshop

7th of November – Comics evening, meet the Slavic legends or discover Doman’s adventures

8th of November – Crafting of paper soldiers

9th of November – Crafting the “White Eagle” coat of arms for Jordanówka dining room

10th of November – Historical competition for Independence Day

11th of November – Let's play in pun! in historical variant...

12th of November – “Become Sherlock” – find the hidden objects using your senses

13th of November - Cookies workshop

14th of November – Comics evening, meet Thorgal Aegirsson the Viking

15th of November – “Sword and magic” – on the land of magic and dragons

16th of November – Scrabble night

17th of November - We make equipment for bubbles. Try to make the biggest one!

18th of November – paint your auto portrait using your own imagination

19th of November – Modeling night, we build planes, tanks, ships

20th of November – Cookies workshop

21st of November – Comics night we continue Thorgal Aegirsson’s adventures

22nd of November – “Mafia, go to sleep”

23rd of November - Make your own bookmark!

24th of November – We make handmade jewelries

25th of November - We make creatures from vegetables - tools, vegetables, imagination and it's ready!

26th of November – Make your own Advent calendar

27th of November- Cookies workshop

28th of November – Comics night

29th of November – Preparation for the party, making your disguise

30th of November – The mysteries of history